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Murat Akkaya's Biography geri

Murat AKKAYA has university degree in the socio-economic field: Public Administration-METU. He has 28 years professional working experience in learning, training and the socio-economic field, of which 18 years management experience on national level, 12 years of experience in private sector as training & communication manager and change management agent, conducting in-depth corporate training activities into enterprises.

During 1991–2002, He worked in IKTISAT BANKASI T.A.Ţ. as Training & Communication Department- Manager. He had experience in designing and planning tailor-made module programmes, such as 24 Management Trainee, 5 Audit Trainee, 3 Sales Trainee programmes. He also take part in the design and development of basic systematic structure and implemented step by step approach for the “In Company Continuous Management–Coaching and Skills Development Module Programs” which was integrated with performance & career development functions and carried out by an international training & consultancy company. He has taken part as Project Manager or Project Team Member in company-wide reorganiztion & development projects carried out with international consulting company, BOFA (Bank Of America) at design, coordination, communication and training phases. He had lead the designing and implementing Bank Employees Displacement & Re-deployment Program for helping Bank Employees guide, motivate and take charge of their careers under liquidation period.

He has sound knowledge and experience with Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework approach and project formulation and evaluation. He has 10 years of experience as long & short term project consultant in international funded projects in Turkish Employment Organization in the field of public employment services (7 years in World Bank projects _[ I’st & II’nd Privatization Social Support Project -World Bank Project – ISKUR ] and 3 years in EU funded projects_[ Active Employment Measures Project II – ISKUR]) including designing, implementation and evaluation of trainings, counselling and temporary employment programs in the field of employment services. He had also provided consultancy and training under the project named “Technical Assistance for Empowerment of Women and Women NGOs in the Least Developed Regions of Turkey”.

During 2016-2017 he has worked in “Technical Assistance For Facilitating Access Of Disadvantaged Higher Education Students To Labour Market” Project– Directorate General Of Credit and Hostel Institution (DG CHI) as senior consultant, Technical Assistance to analyse the needs of last year higher education students and those recently graduated with the aim to build up and improve the capacity of institutions such as KYK and ISKUR and organisations like KOSGEB, TOBB and TESK to deliver a well marketed service that help the last-year students and unemployed graduates into job/employment. Also, developing Career Focused Support Group (Group Mentpring) Model and pilot program.
During 2018, he has worked in EU & UNDP Capacity Building Project “Total Factor Productivity” TFP Project as senior training consultant for institutional capacity development component of Ministry of Development under TFP Project. He is currently working as capacity building & training consultant of Sabancý EDU in “Productivity Academy Model Design and Business Plan Preparation” project for Ministry of Industry and Technology – General Directorate of Industry and Productivity.

He has experience in adult learning programmes, training, change management, institutional capacity building fields. As "Learning Partner", He’s working in different sectors, projects & organizations by implementing "Developmental Mentoring" learning relations, with various blended learning models (one to one / group/ peer /e-mentoring) which is designed according to the strategic priorities and needs of the organization, for different audiences and different purposes. He’s working in capacity building, leadership development and mentoring projects in private/ public sector and NGO’s as learning partner, trainer, coordinator and consultant roles. He has been working with several NGO’s and goverment institutions for the youth empowerment, disadvantaged youth scholorship improving & development programmes to provide transformational active learning relation support by means of implementing "Developmental Mentoring" learning support relations, together with corporate capacity building components and mechanisms for NGO.

He is also familiar with the development of social dialogue, social partnership and building service-based public-private partnerships, including projects related to Corporate Social Responsibility. He has supported “Nar Taneleri/ Pomegranate Grains” Corporate Social Responsibility- Mentoring Project (Ministry Of Family and Social Politics, UNFPA and BOYNER) by designing the transformational mentoring module and providing all training programs of mentors & mentees for mentoring relationship beside “Job Selection and Career Planning” training programs for mentees under Mentoring program which aims effective & efficient life & career skills orientation platform for 18-24 years old girls who has left the institution.

Under second phase of the Nar Taneleri/ Pomegranate Grains Project he worked as consultant & trainer for institution capacity building component, by designing in-corporate Group Mentoring program model and Child Care Group Mentoring TOT programmes for child care staff and social workers/ experts and also “youth one to one Mentoring” program for 15-18 years old child and adolocents and volunteer learning partners outside of the institution.

During 2010-2014, as the Training and Development Coordinator with in Mentor Leadership & Consultancy firm, he continued his journey of learning and development within the framework of consultancy and training in the field of Leadership programs and Mentoring projects with various institutions in the private sector.

In addition to that, during the period of 2006-2018, he is currently working in capacity building, leadership development and designing & implementing learning models (mentoring projects) in public sector,and NGO’s with in his own company; Development Training Consulting (Learning Partner). He carried out the following projects & works within the framework of Developmental Mentoring (Empowering support & learning Relation Model) programs.

• Ýzmir Chamber of Civil Engineers “Women with White Helmets” One-to-One Mentoring Program
• Soroptimist Etiler Branch SAGE-One-to-One Mentoring Program
• Hayat Sende Association “Running to the Future” One-to-One Mentoring and Career Focused Group
Mentoring Program,
• Soroptimist GOP Branch One-to-One Mentoring Program
• METU Istanbul Alumni Association_Mentoring Program-1 Career Mentoring (E-Mentoring Program)
• METU Istanbul Alumni Association_Mentoring Program-2 Prep-School Peer Mentoring Program,
• METU Istanbul Alumni Association_Mentoring Program-3 Graduate Career Mentoring Program,
• Ýzmir ÇYDD_ Career Focused Group Mentoring Program,
• Association for Supporting Contemporary Life: One-to-One Mentoring Programs, Trainer Training
• Pomegranate Grains Program Group Mentoring- Trainer Training Programs
• Ministry of Family Social Policies -Boyner-UNFPA- “Pomegranate Grains A II Project -B Group Mentoring
• Ministry of Family Social Policies -Boyner-UNFPA-TAPV- “Pomegranate Grains-II oy One-to-One
Mentoring Programs
• Association for Supporting Contemporary Life: One-to-One Mentoring Program
• TÝKAV AKFEN _E-Mentoring Project
• SHÇEK- Boyner- Peryön_UNFPA Tan Pomegranate Grains AI Project P One-to-One Mentoring Programs
• British Embassy “Chevening Ambassadors One-to-One Mentoring Project”
• METU Alumni Association- Student Counseling Program Informal Mentoring Program
• Beyaz Nokta® Development Foundation / KiGeP Project and “You Can” Program

He had completed ICF accredited 116 hours "Co-Active Coaching Program_CTI” in 2006-2007, then, “GCDF_ Global Career Development Facilitator” NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) & CCE (Center for Credential & Education Incorporation) and Bahçeţehir University CPC – Certification program in 2008 - 2009. He completed "Student and Education Coaching Certification Programme in 2011. He completed “Mentoring Circles” TOT & Licence Training Programme in Innova Consulting- Sheffield-England, 2014. He was born in 1967 in Ankara and he is father of Deniz and Alp.